Providing competent counsel for young criminal defendants

It’s one of the phone calls you dread — your son or daughter has been arrested. Next, you feel a swirl of emotions from anxiety to confusion. However, the steps you take after receiving such news can directly impact your child’s life later. That is why your first move must be to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney in South Florida. At Sando Law, P.A., Attorney Sando is a former, highly recognized Palm Beach prosecutor. He knows exactly what your child is up against and what needs to be done to protect their freedom and future. No matter whether your son or daughter is accused of theft, DUI, or a violent crime, Attorney Sando can move swiftly to protect their rights.

Who is considered a juvenile in Florida?

Florida law classifies anyone under the age of 18 as a juvenile. Even if your son or daughter is about to turn 18 soon, they are still considered juvenile in the eyes of the law if they are arrested. That said, the court can choose to try a juvenile as an adult in certain cases.

In the state of Florida, crimes, where a minor aged 14 or older may be charged as an adult, include sexual battery, aggravated assault, grand theft auto, burglary, and armed robbery. Any child over the age of 16 can be tried as an adult for any felony offense.

The criminal justice system seeks to rehabilitate juvenile offenders — not punish them. Understanding this, Attorney Sando will work tirelessly to have your child’s case tried in juvenile court.

How are juvenile cases different from adult cases?

The aim of the adult criminal justice system is punishment and deterrence. The juvenile justice system, on the other hand, seeks to rehabilitate and help young offenders.

Also, while adult defendants may face a jury trial, juveniles do not. For juvenile offenders, probation, parole, and diversionary programs are typically used. Further, youths are “detained” not “arrested”. Another legal terminology is also different between adult and juvenile criminal cases. Juveniles and adults preserve the right to have a speedy trial — generally 90 days from arrest or detainment from the petition date.

What are common juvenile offenses?

Sando Law, P.A., has helped many families throughout Palm Beach and South Florida with difficult criminal defense matters.

If you or a loved one is accused of the following juvenile offenses, contact Attorney Sando immediately:

  • Shoplifting and other theft-related offenses
  • Burglary
  • Underage drinking
  • DUI
  • Sexual assault
  • Prostitution
  • Vehicular homicide
  • Robbery
  • Arson
  • Solicitation
  • Sexual battery
  • Sexual crimes against children
  • Traffic Offenses
  • Drug possession
  • Drug trafficking
  • Assault

This is not a comprehensive list of juvenile offenses Attorney Sando handles, but rather some of the most common crimes committed by youth in Florida. No matter what crime your son or daughter is charged with, Sando Law, P.A. will be their voice.

What are the typical juvenile penalties?

The court strives to rehabilitate juvenile offenders under the age of 18. Juvenile detention may be used as a temporary action for youth waiting for disciplinary action by the court or for an offender who has violated the conditions of detainment. Juvenile offenders committed to a residential rehabilitation program may be sent to detention after a court judgment. Regardless of whether a youth is released or held in detention, they will have the opportunity to meet with a probation officer to learn about rehabilitation alternatives such as parole, probation, or other diversionary programs.

Teens who are first-time traffic or misdemeanor offenders may face teen court — a non-judicial alternative that expunges the charges from their record. This program is available until the age of 18. Participants must admit guilt and face a peer court comprised of fellow teens. Further, they must follow all imposed sanctions which may include written essays, community service hours, and future involvement in the teen court jury.

What can a juvenile offense attorney do for you?

Children and teenagers make mistakes. That’s why the criminal justice system seeks to rehabilitate young offenders. However, if your son or daughter is detained in Florida, you still face an uphill battle. Without an attorney guiding your child, they may fall prey to common pitfalls or be lumped in detention with “bad apples”.

Attorney Sando can help get your child’s life back on track by providing the following services:

  • Explain the charges, penalties, and consequences imposed
  • Rush to your child’s side and ensure their constitutional rights are protected
  • Push to have your child prosecuted as a juvenile offender
  • Negotiate with the prosecution for a reduced charge
  • Collect evidence to support your child’s innocence
  • Interview witnesses
  • Attend all court meetings with your child
  • Fight passionately for your child’s rights in court

Although the juvenile court system seeks to rehabilitate young offenders whenever possible, it is still a place you want to avoid at all costs. Attorney Sando, a former award-winning prosecutor, understands this better than anyone and is ready to use his skills and experience to protect your child’s future.

Contact an experienced Palm Beach Juvenile offense attorney today

Sando Law, P.A., provides top-tier legal support for juvenile defenders throughout South Florida. If your son or daughter is arrested for any type of crime in Martin County, Palm Beach County, Broward County, Miami-Dade County, or Monroe County, Attorney Sando is ready to fight for their rights. To discuss your case with Attorney Sando, call 561-296-1665 or contact Andrew online, for a free case review.

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