When dealing with a criminal or immigration-related issue, it is generally advisable to retain the assistance of a lawyer. Lawyers can offer you more than simply an understanding of “the law.” After reviewing your criminal or immigration case, an experienced lawyer should be able to identify the legal strengths and weaknesses in your case based on the evidence, the lack of evidence, or conflicts in the evidence. Trained lawyers also know how to navigate the legal justice system such as court hearings, researching case law, filing motions, managing plea negotiations, and preparing for trial.

It depends. Criminal violations require a licensed attorney to represent you. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you. If you are facing a noncriminal violation, then generally speaking you can represent yourself; however, here at Sando Law, P.A., it is highly recommended that you call us before paying any ticket. Oftentimes people are not aware that the payment of a ticket or noncriminal violation is a “guilty” admission on their record and a waiver of all legal challenges or issues with their case. If you are unsure, call Attorney Sando for a free case review to see how we may help you.

There is no set answer to this question. The costs of a lawyer can differ based on so many factors such as the charge(s) itself, the jurisdiction, the timing, the experience of the lawyer, and the scope of representation. We recommend always conveying specific expectations you have when choosing a lawyer and asking a lot of questions!

This may seem like an easy answer but it actually depends. In certain situations, a client may need court approval to switch lawyers. The timing of this request is often the most influential factor. Switching lawyers in the early stages of a criminal or immigration case is generally accepted and allowed. Courts and judges want people to be adequately represented, especially when their freedoms can be in jeopardy.

Everyone is different and people choose lawyers for all types of reasons. You may have had a strong referral from a friend or family member, you may be facing a specific charge and want a lawyer with a unique area of specialization, or you may simply choose a lawyer because you got the right “vibe” from your conversations or your research. Just follow your instinct and take your time. Choosing a lawyer that you trust and feel can meet your expectations is an important decision.

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