Former Two-Time Prosecutor of the Year and Now Criminal Defense Attorney

If you are facing any criminal charge in South Florida, take your time and pick the best lawyer for you. If convicted, a lifelong criminal record can change your life, impacting your future in multiple ways even if you escape jail time. The longer-term consequences of any conviction may affect employment, housing, immigration status, child custody arrangements, and more.

Take your time. Choose a lawyer you can trust.

In almost all cases, representation from an experienced criminal defense attorney can reduce the negative consequences. Oftentimes, a case dismissal, pre-trial resolution or acquittal occur in criminal cases after an arrest has been made. Even in the event of a conviction, an experienced attorney can help minimize the impact on your future.

3 Reasons to hire Attorney Sando as your dedicated Criminal Defense Attorney and advocate:

1. Former prosecutor trained in evaluating evidence with 50+ trials.

One of the best ways to defend criminal charges, is having previously prosecuted them. Having served as a former prosecutor for several years, Attorney Sando has handled hundreds of criminal cases and had over 50+ trials. No promises of special results or connections, just real-life experience that equates to a strategic eye for analyzing evidence and a proven ability to be effective in a courtroom. Attorney Sando was also the two-time recipient of a Prosecutor of the Year Award. It is no secret that attorneys with a proven ability to litigate, identify relevant case law, and be successful inside a courtroom, often obtain better resolutions for clients.

2. Low volume firm with a high work ethic to go above and beyond for your case.

At Sando Law, P.A., you can rest assured knowing this is not a high volume firm. Maintaining low volume means the number of cases is constantly managed not to exceed certain levels to allow for the best work product and client communication your case requires. Attorney Sando strives to defend every client as if he were the client himself. Criminal charges can have very serious outcomes and it is essential to have the proper time to invest in each case to properly represent the client.

3. Trustworthy legal advice with you in control.

Hiring Attorney Sando puts you in control of your case. Take your time to choose a lawyer that you trust. You should feel like your case will have the proper attention and dedicated legal support. You should feel like your case has had the proper attention and the proper legal steps taken. At Sando Law, P.A., our role is to provide trustworthy legal advice and strategically oversee your case; your role will be to make the decisions.

Criminal Defense Cases We Handle


Been Charged With a Criminal Offense in Florida?

The most important advice to give to you if you are under investigation or have been charged with a criminal offense in Florida is: Do not talk to the police! You are only under an obligation to give your name, date of birth, and home address. That’s it. Anything else you say can and will be used against you.

As soon as you know that you are the target of a criminal investigation or have been arrested, you should retain criminal defense counsel. No one should try to navigate the criminal justice system on their own. The consequences of a criminal conviction are life-changing: prison or jail time, fines and penalties, extended probation with a continuing loss of freedom to travel, associate with others, and make decisions on your own.

In addition to having a permanent criminal record, your ability to get a job, find housing, secure a bank loan, maintain a professional license, and even vote are in jeopardy. The impact of a criminal conviction on your family should never be understated. Having the force of the law pressing upon you brings with it emotional, financial, and social consequences for not just you but for everyone in your home.

Choosing the right criminal defense attorney can make a difference. Here’s why Sando Law, P.A. servicing South Florida, including Martin, Palm Beach, Broward, Miami-Dade, or Monroe counties, should be your Florida defense lawyers.

Drew Sando is an experienced criminal defense attorney who intimately knows how the criminal system operates. He was a prosecutor, twice named “Best Prosecutor.” What that means to you is that Sando Law, P.A. understands the criminal justice process as well as all of the players—police and investigators, prosecutors, judges, and probation officers. Unlike other criminal defense offices, Sando Law, P.A. is a low-volume firm, affording each client our full attention and resources. The advice you get at Sando Law, P.A. is accurate, realistic, and trustworthy. We care about our clients and understand how important your case is to you and your family.

When Should You Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney?

There are distinct advantages to hiring a criminal defense attorney early in a criminal investigation or prosecution.

First, a skilled criminal defense attorney can negotiate surrender with the prosecutor so that you might be able to avoid the trauma and embarrassment of being arrested at home, in front of your family, or at work amidst peers and other employees.

Second, a savvy criminal defense attorney understands the reputations of the police, investigators, and prosecutors so that an assessment can be made as to the integrity of any investigation. Unfortunately, police tactics sometimes exceed constitutional limitations on state power. Whether it is the failure to offer Miranda warnings properly—you have the right to remain silent, you have the right to an attorney, etc.—or to conduct an unauthorized search, or to pressure witnesses into ungrounded statements, a vigilant criminal defense attorney can monitor the prosecution to ensure that all rights and privileges are respected, and all statutory requirements are observed.

Knowing the prosecutors also enables a confident criminal defense attorney to begin the process of having charges dismissed or reduced so that you can decide whether to take a plea or continue the prosecution to trial. If there is sufficient evidence to convict you of a crime, there are distinct advantages to taking a plea, especially if there are agreements limiting sentencing and fines. A realistic assessment of the strength of a prosecutor’s case is what a skilled and experienced criminal defense attorney can offer you.

A defendant facing criminal prosecution fares better when released from jail pending trial. It’s important to family security to have you home and working at your job, as well as conferring privately with your criminal defense attorney to build a defense. If drugs or alcohol abuse are aspects of any criminal prosecution, being out of jail means access to treatment and counseling.

What Does a Criminal Defense Attorney Do?

The most important function of a criminal defense attorney is to be your advocate and defender throughout a criminal prosecution. The complexity of the criminal justice process, and the severe consequences of a conviction, require more than just a knowledgeable guide to help you throughout the proceedings. You need a champion to stand up for your rights and to create a counter-narrative to the prosecutor’s story of what happened. Having a strong and convincing attorney by your side can lessen the anxiety that involvement in the criminal justice process can generate.

Remember that your conversations with your criminal defense attorney are protected by the attorney-client privilege. You can have confidence that the substance of your conversations, even while interviewing prospective criminal defense attorneys, is protected.

Contact Sando Law for a Free Case File Review

If you are the target of a criminal investigation or have been arrested in South Florida, including Martin, Palm Beach, Broward, Miami-Dade, or Monroe counties, contact Sando Law, P.A. for a free case file review. We will focus our experience, talent, and knowledge to provide you with a realistic evaluation of the state’s case against you, possible defenses, and options. Call 561-296-1665 or toll-free 833-SANDO-4U.

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